devos from the hill

About Mars Hill

For more than 30 years, Mars Hill Productions has produced award-winning films and videos that have been used around the world to introduce thousands of people to Jesus Christ, and to motivate thousands more to share their faith in Christ with others.

The most recent Mars Hill project, The HOPE, is an 80 minute dramatic presentation of God’s redemptive story from creation through Christ. The HOPE has been so well received among missionaries worldwide that it has become the primary focus of Mars Hill’s current season of ministry. This emphasis on The HOPE is manifested in translations, Internet ministry, derivative projects, and the worldwide dissemination of this dynamic media tool. While previous Mars Hill projects were primarily effective at reaching westernized audiences, The HOPE is being used to reach an extremely wide variety of tongues, tribes, and nations with the Gospel of Christ. Visit our web site at

The staff of Mars Hill meets together each week for a time of study and prayer. The devotionals in this blog are the lessons that have taken us deeper into the things of God and strengthened each of us in unique ways to carry out the work the Lord has given us to do. We hope that you will find them beneficial as well.

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