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The Passionate Longing of the Father’s Heart


Today the Mars Hill staff discussed a soon-to-be-published article on the state of the American Church with regard to the Great Commission. The following excerpt should give you a taste for the article, the mission of the Church, and why we are so passionate to oversee the ministry of The HOPE to reach every tongue, tribe, and nation.

The passionate longing of a father’s heart is for his children. A few years ago, there was a movie called “Taken.” A young girl went to Europe and was abducted by a sex trafficking ring. When her father in the U.S. learned of it, he immediately dropped everything and made a total commitment to do whatever was necessary to rescue her. His passion to free his daughter was intense. He would not be stopped by anything.

Somewhere in the world at this moment, there is a soul, chosen by our Father to be His son or daughter, and yet held captive by powerful evil forces. In fact, there are many souls. Our Father desires to bring His children, our brothers and sisters, home. He has equipped us, blessed us and empowered us for this purpose. He is calling us to commit to the mission.

Whether God heals America or not, I want to do all I can to help fulfill the desire of my Father’s heart to free His children. At Mars Hill, that is why we do what we do, and we invite you to join us!

3 thoughts on “The Passionate Longing of the Father’s Heart

  1. Can’t wait to read it! Praying! I’m IN!

  2. That was a GREAT post, Fred. For many Christians–especially newbies like myself–utilizing an analogy like you did with the film, “Taken” is a great way for us to visualize how urgent it is to do God’s work by saving a fellow brother or sister who has yet to know Christ.

    The chokehold of dark forces is very real and very strong in our culture, albeit difficult to see when cloaked in the familiar; an electronic device, a basketball game, a nightly news program or other form of entertainment Americans use to distract themselves from spending time getting to know God.

    I can’t speak for anyone other than myself when I say that I feel an urgent need to snap out of the semi-darkness I find myself in from time to time and DO something bold on behalf of God. Your post helped me realize that today–and I am grateful to God, as usual, for pressing on my Spirit to read your blog when I was considering watching the nightly news.:)

    God Bless,


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